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Hey guys! Most of you viewing this site, already know me. I will say this for starters that I am a girl. I'm 14 years old and I love to read, write and listen to music. Lots of things inspire me from TV show to books to the shirt i'm wearing. I also love to watch to TV and play on the internet. Message me on Quizilla if you want to know more!

About Us

I'm not really selling anything or starting a buisness so...but I do have to say that my writing started with poetry in my 6th grade class. I won several awards and got published in about 6 books and figured "What the hey?!" and started to write. I wrote my first story at church camp (weird since it was un godly) and posted it on the infamous site Quizilla. There's not much more to say but GO CHECK IT OUT!. That an They are pretty awesome. They LET writers have lemons. Though I can't post on that site :(


History of project

Well I suppose you could say i owe it to my teacher in 6th grade who got me started. Imma call her Mrs. B since her name started with a B. She inspired me to write and told me everything I needed to know. She was there for me when I need support and I love her dearly for it. Now I'm only in the 8th grade so.. Also my numerous of friends and readers who moved me along and requested that I do them. I also remember a friend of mine Ninjagirl118 I believe wrote a lemon for my story which sadly got deleted :( It was great and she is a wonderful friend of mine. Again there is not much history behind this so don't blame me if this sucks. This site was created for those of you out there who enjoy lemons but can't read them. Again you can't post yours here but I post mine and you clicky on the button that says "feedback" Mkay?