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Do I Write This Down? (A L Lawilet Lemon for pheonixofmagic)

Do I Write This Down? (A L Lawilet Lemon for pheonixofmagic)


I am starting from the lemon so if you want to read it all you have to go on quizilla and read the beginning. :)

Lemon Start

My left hand stayed around his neck while my right had ran through his spiky black hair. He suddenly let go of me and I whimpered. His finger touched the tip of my nose.


“So impaitent” he muttered and lightly pushed me on the bed. He leaned over me and our lips touched once again. The fire was unbearable. It burned with such a desire. I had no idea if kissing would be enough. The phone rang but I ignored it.


“Gonna get that?” he huffed and I shook my head.


His hands romaned my body , touching me here and there. I melted into his arms letting him do the work. He removed his lips from mine and I sighed. He started from the courner of my lips and gently kissed along my collar bone, never staying in one spot for long. He reached my neck leaving kisses evrywhere he could. I titled my neck up more so he could have more access.


I groaned in excitement as he found my soft spot kissing and gently biting at it. The pleasure was esclating. All to soon, he moved away from the spot. Not having him there was horrible. He moved up to my ear and whispered in it.


“I’m not going to force you into anything you don’t want Pheonix.” He said his hand stoping abruptly. I shook my head.


“Keep going” I said. He smiled and his hands gently raised up the end of my shirt. I nodded and he gently slid the cloth off me. He stared at my and I blushed. I was half naked! My hands moved up to my chest but L grabbed them before I could.


“There’s no need to.” He said and kissed me on the lips. His tounge pushed against my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I parted my lips and his tounge darted in. Our tounges got got in a wonderful dance as his hand sliped around to my back. He quickly found my bra strap and unclasped it. I let him slide it off my shoulders and he tossed it across the room.


“No fair” I whined as he stared at me. He glanced up at me then back down.


“What’s not fair?” he said his hand skimming over one of my boobs. I moaned slightly and then sat up, ruining his fun.


“That you get to have all your clothes on while I am almost half naked.” I mumbled while pouting. He kissed me and then slid his shirt off.


“Better” he said and then he moaned as I ran my hands over his chest. He was nicely toned ( me: Or I am assuming by all the pics on photobucket XD) which only made me want him more. His mouth coverd one of my boobs and his hand fondeled the other one. I moaned and arched my back, but he pushed against me forcing me back down.


My hand tangled in his hair as he continued his torture. Touching me, but not completely. I was lacking of his touch and it was painful. I needed him, and I was sure he needed me. I knew he needed me.


After a few minutes he switched to the other one and continued the same process. I groaned and pulled him down further. This was amazing. Nothing could compare to the pure bliss I was expierencing. I sighed in frustration once he detached himself from me.


“A little impaitent aren’t we?” he said and kissed down my stomach. The kisses seemed light and feathery. Almost as if there weren’t there. I felt something wet slightly touch my skin. I realized it was his togune as it trailed all the way down my stomach to the hem of my skirt. He stopped and then look at me.


“May I?” he asked paitently although I could tell my the lust in his eyes he was eager to tear it off. I nodded and he slowly started to pull it off. When he finally slipped in down my legs he stared. I had underwear on but they were lacy and you basicly see right through them.


His face lit up a red color once he realized I caught him staring. I blushed to and then sat up. He looked hurt.


“ Do you want to stop?” he asked and I could tell he didn’t want to.


“No I was simply looking at you..” I said and he slid his hands along my waist and grabed my panties. He pulled them of and threw them on the floor. Before I knew it he had slipped a finger inside of me. I groaned and begged him for more.


I didn’t have to ask twice. His finger went faster and faster, gliding in and out hitting a pressure point each time, making me moan for more. He slowed to a stop and gently inserted another finger. I groaned and he started the same pattern like the one he did at the beginning. His fingers seemed to know where to go and how far to make me happy.


“I-I think I’m going to” I said struggling to get out the words. My mind was far beyond gone and it was hard to comprehend anything other than the pleasure he was giving me. He understood what I was saying. He quickly pulled out his finger and stopped. Maybe he didn’t.


I grabbed his hand and tried to bring it back while whimpering at his loss. He lowered his head to my womanhood and his tongue slipped between my lips and dug deep within me. I let out something of a cuss word and a moan as his tongue expertly found its way in my caverns (Me: XD). He diped in and out and my hands curled in his hair.


I felt soemthing build up in my stomach and I knew what it was. L knew what it was to because he went faster and faster the bubbliness rising. I groaned and softly moaned his name as I felt the bubble burst. L pulled away and looked at me while licking his lips.


“Delicious” he said and I blushed at his comment. He leaned up and kissed me on the lips slipping his tongue in my mouth. Our tongue’s intertiwned and I wrapped my hands around his neck. That’s when another tongue war began. I removed my hands and pushed him down on the bed. I got on top of him and reached for his pants. I unzipped the zipper and slowly pulling down his pants, hoping he was feeling the pain I was. I pulled the blue jeans off and tossed them somewhere in the room. I could see his hardened member through his boxers. He flushed and I almost laughed.


I wanted to pull off his boxers but then I didn’t. It was a semi-tough decision, semi because my mind was already fogged and my horomones were raging. I did ant to pull his boxers down because I loved him and I wanted to show him. I didn’t because it was a big step. But it was a big step I was going to take.


I pulled his boxers off and threw the carelessly on the floor. I gently grabbed his hardened member with one hand barely touching it and softly brushed the tips of my fingers along his member. He groaned and mumbled something. I was assuming he was liking it from the sounds that were coming from his skilled lips.


I decided I wanted him to beg for more and grasped him member with both hands. He moaned as I rubbed me hands along his shaft tracing patterns of nothing with my fingers. His hands were twitching and I could tell he wanted to have what was causing him pain in my mouth. I knew he wasn’t going to force me because that’s not the kind of person he was.


“Please Pheonix, don’t tease me” he said. I nodded.


“Just because you begged.” I said and moved the tip of my tongue over the tip of his member. He groaned and I ran my tongue up and down his shaft exciting him even more. I knew this still wasn’t what he wanted. I grabbed his member with my hands and placed my mouth over the tip. I looked up at him and he nodded furiously. I slowly lowered my mouth over his erection and he grasped.


I let my tongue swirl over his parts of him as I bobbed my head up and down. Eventually his hands wound themselves in my hair and pushed me down even more. I went faster and pretty soon he released in my mouth. I slid up along his body letting his member slightly touch my entrance. We both sighed and he flipped me back over.


“ Are you sure you want this?” he asked.


“I wouldn’t want it with anyone else.” I said and kissed him on the lips. He nodded and positioned himself over me. With a slight push he entered me and I gasped and let out a small scream before it was muffled by his mouth.


“I’m so sorry,” he said “ it will get better though, I promise” he said and kissed me on the lips. I nodded and took a deep breath.


“Just tell me when your ready” he said with compassion and rubbed my cheek. I closed my eyes and nodded.


“I’m ready”


“Open your eyes” he said and kissed my eyelids. I opened them to see his loving face in front of me. I kissed and repeated what I said.


“Go on” I said and he slowly started to move. It hurt. Worse than anything. But after a few minutes the pain dissovled into a mountian of pleasure. I pouted and grinded my hips on his and asked for him to go faster.


He complied and started moving faster. I groaned and latched my legs around his waist. My nails dug into his back and he mumbled something I couldn’t make out. One thought ran threw my head. More.


“Faster” I whispered in his ear and he shivered. He shook his head no and I looked at him.


“Faster..please” he shook his head no again.


“Say my name” he said and slowed his pace. I wiggled against him. He held his ground and slowed even more. I sighed.


“L go faster” I said and moved agasint him. He didn’t move and slowed even more, if possible, to an agonizing pace.


“My real name, I want to hear you say it.”


“Lawliet go faster!” I almost screamed and he nodded in satisfaction. He picked up the pace and soon we were in a fit of grunts and huffs. His head was nuzzled in the nape of my neck as he pounded into me again and again.I would relive this night over and over and replay it a thousand times.


“Harder” I moaned and he dug deeper than I though he could go. Suddenly there was that bubble again, waiting to pop. I wanted it to, I wanted it to so bad. I could feel him slide in and out moans filling the room. He pushed in and out grunting as he did. I could fill the bubble waiting to pop.


“I don’t know if I can hold it in any longer” he said while still holding my hips and pushing deeper inside me.


“I don’t know if I can either” I said and pushed myself against him. I could hear him moan softly as our bodies pushed against each other creating a light friction. I felt the bubble build up. It was going to pop any second.


“I-I” He silenced me by kissing me on the lips. He moved his lips as the bubble burst and I had the instinct to shout his name. He did the same and then pulled out. I sighed from the lack of his warmth but his arms quickly enveloped me.