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I Love You Is All I Need ( A Light Yagami lemon oneshot for XxCrimsonXXAngelxX)

I Love You Is All I Need ( A Light Yagami lemon oneshot for XxCrimsonXXAngelxX)


Name (first and last please): Keiko Kagami

Age: 17

D.O.B (Date of Birth): October 23, 1986 ( I think that's the year Light was born. xD)

Personality: Very Shy, Caring, Friendly, Quiet, Intelligent, Anti-Social, Independent,

Looks (if you could send a picture link if not i might use one of mine): Jet Black Hair; Grown Alittle Past Her Shoulders, Emerald Green Eyes, Peach Colored Skin Tone

Occupation (e.x.: SPK, Mafia, School, Baker..etc.) High School Student ( To-Oh University Student Later On); Works at the Local Bakery After School and on Weekends, (on The Kira Investigation Taskforce Later On)

Crush: Light Yagami

Friends: Light, Ryuk, Matsuda, The Rest of the Kira Taskforce, ( Mikami Later On)

Enemies: Rem, Misa, Kiyomi, L, (Near, Mello, & Matt Later On. )

Lemon or not: Yes, please!

[Song that inspired me most of the time: Headboard by Hurricane Chris (Which is totally not a PG song or PG-13)/ One Wish by Ray J (It’s about PG-13)]


“All love that does not have friendship for its base is like a mansion built upon the sand.” –Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Putting the finishing touches on the exquisite cake, I stared at it in awe. It had to be the most wonderful cake there ever was. Not to brag, just stating. It was three tiers with blue frosting and it had yellow flowers lined around the tiers. I didn’t take me to long to make it but it requited expert skill. Skill which I was certain I had.

Just when I was placing the cake in the counter, no one other than Matsuda walked through the door. It was great to see a cheerful face on a kind of gloomy day like this one. He waved at me and walked up to the counter.

“Hello Keiko!” He said with a smile on his face. I replied with a light hi and asked him what he was doing here.

“I have to pick up a cake for Ryuzaki.” He said “Though I’m not sure I remember what he wanted.” He laughed faintly and rubbed the back of his head. I smiled at him.

“No worries Matsuda, I’m sure you’ll find something that will suit his tastes.” I said flipping through the cake book on the counter. I turned a few more of the laminated pages until I came upon a rather simple looking cake with strawberries on top. I had heard from Light’s constant complaining that Ryuzaki loved strawberries.

“How’s that?” I asked turning the book back towards him to let him examine the cake. He stared at it for a second as if it had to pass an exam to be considered good enough. He shrugged.

“What the hey, Ryuzaki will eat it either way.” He said and pulled out a few bills and handed them to me (No idea what they use except its ‘yen’ I have no idea if it’s coins or not). I laughed a little and pulled out the cake from in the back to where it was being kept cool. I walked carefully up to the front and sat it on the counter.

“Here you go Matsuda! I hope it’s what you want” I said quietly.

“Looks fine to me. You need to be louder” he said and laughed. I shrugged as he started walking out the door but suddenly bumped into someone.

“Ahhh. Hello Light-kun!” Matsuda said still holding the cake in his arms. I blushed a little. He was here. In the store. Right now. Someone pinch me.

“What are you here for Light?” Matsuda asked.

“To make sure you don’t do anything stupid.” He said rather bluntly. I tried not to smile at poor Matsuda getting harassed.

“He thought I would mess up?” he asked his voice seeming to crack a little. Aw. Stupid Ryuzaki. I shall kill him. Not literally.

“Yes. He did.” Light said taking the cake from Matsuda’s hands. “I’m going to carry it out to the car.” He said walking out the door grumbling. I could practically see Matsuda crumbling down on the floor.

“It’s ok Matsuda. I don’t think you would have messed it up.” I said giving him a reassuring smile.

“Thanks Keiko.” He said and smiled getting new found confidence.

“Anytime Matsuda.” I smiled and started flipping through the cake book as he walked out the door waving. I waved back and looked at all the fabulous cakes in the book. Some of them were so old it wasn’t even describable. Then again some of them were new and fresh and tasted great.

I finished looking through the book and sat it back on the black stand that it was on originally. I looked around the small shop. The walls were a bright orange. Not all my favorite color but it made the shop look bright and happy like it was supposed to. The room looked like something out of a fairytale.

Lace curtains adorned the windows and small pink chairs were placed accordingly in the room. It was amazing. Something that could make even the coldest of hearts warm up. I would know because a man that used to be the scrooge of the town but now he is nice and generous. A true miracle if you ask me.

The small bell that hung from the door gave a light ding as someone walked through it. I averted my gaze towards the doors and noticed it was Light yet again. The scowl on his face made it clear that he was very unhappy.

“What’s wrong Light-kun?” I asked willing myself not to blush. He dropped his head on the counter and groaned.

“Ryuzaki isn’t satisfied with the cake.” His garbled voice said. I stared down at him and blinked.

“Oh. I thought it was very nice.” I said.

“He says there isn’t enough strawberries on it.” He lifted his head up from the glass counter top and stared at me with almost pleading eyes.

“There has got to be some cake that you can give him that has enough strawberries.” He mumbled. I shifted a little and walked to the back to check and see if there was. I opened the freezer door and cold air hit me square in the face. My hands went in search of cakes again and I randomly pulled out a cake.

I took a good look at it and figured it was ok. There were plenty of strawberries on this one. More than the last one.

I slid the cake under a plastic tray and carefully walked back up to the front. I placed the cake in front of him and let my eyes meet with his. I shifted slightly on my feet before speaking.

“Is this one ok?” He inspected it and then gave a nod.

“There are plenty of strawberries for him.” He said and gave a smile. He lifted up the cake with a grunt and hefted it to one side while digging for his wallet on the other. His hand shifted in his pocket.

“It’s here somewhere.” He mumbled and sat the cake back on the counter. Muttering words under his breath, he dug his hand through all of his pocket and even his jacket. “Bet Ryuzaki can’t make this miracle happen.” He growled and looked back up at me.

“It’s on me.” I said and smiled a little. He smiled back and picked up the cake.

“Thanks a lot Keiko, you’re a lifesaver.” He whispered and leaned over the counter. His cold lips brushed my cheek and then he pulled off. Red had to have been spread all over my cheeks. A smile made itself known on his face.

“N-No problem” I stuttered and blushed again. He laughed and then picked up the cake and headed for the door.

“See you later. Thanks again.” He said with a flash of his bright smile as he stepped out the door. I rested my hands in my head and sighed. It was great while it lasted. I seemed to gaze off into my own world because a book was slammed down in front my face. I jumped about 10 feet in the air, figuratively speaking.

“Get your lazy butt up!” a clear, crisp voice snapped. I looked at her with a small ounce of fright in my eyes. It was my boss. She huffed and put her hands on her hips.

“I don’t pay you to doze off into lala land, I pay you to work and make this business successful!” she practically yelled. He face was scarlet, but not because she was blushing, but because she was mad. Fuming in fact.

“I’m sorry Mayumi-chan.” I mumbled.

“Sorry doesn’t earn me money. Keep your eyes opened.” She snapped again and walked off grumbling into the door that was across the room. She shut it rather loudly giving me the hint that I shouldn’t go in there anytime soon.

I glanced up at the clock to see what time it was. 4:45. I would soon leave in about 15 minutes. Grabbing the old, falling apart broom, I started to sweep the floors. Five short minutes later, Mayumi walked back out of her office grumbling about taxes.

“Get ready to close down.” She said exiting the building. I finished sweeping and returned the broom back to the gloomy utility closet. I locked that door and smiled. There wasn’t that much to clean up. It shouldn’t take no longer than a few minutes.

I put the money that was in the cash register into a small bag and locked the bag in a small drawer. I placed covers over the cakes and went to flick off the lights and lock the store down. My backpack was sitting, with books crammed in it, behind the counter. I picked it up and slid it on my shoulders.

The door slammed shut as I walked out and locked it. I skipped off the sidewalk to my new car. Red with tinted windows, it was a nice looking car but it was pretty small. The car door made a sound signaling it was unlocked when I stuck the key in and turned. My hand latched around the door handle and gave it a tug.

It felt nice to finally have a car to call my own. No more asking my mom or dad. No more borrowing rides from friends. I had a car all to myself. Freedom rang; when it did, it was loud.

Sliding into the car, I put my seatbelt on and started the car. I pulled out of the parking lot and into the bustling streets of Japan. I zoomed past hundreds of cars as I rushed to make it home in time. I was a little late leaving the shop. I hope mom wouldn’t mind.

From where I was now I could clearly see the driveway. I pulled in and shut off the car. Grabbing my backpack, I swung open the door and stepped out into the light breezy spring air. I took a deep breath, let it out and smiled. The air was amazing outside, cold, but amazing.

I walked up the driveway and unlocked the door and opened it, peering inside. I poked my head in and walked in. My mom was sitting on the couch flipping through the channels. She waved and asked how my day was. I replied with a nod and headed up to my room to finish homework that I should have long ago forgotten.

With a plunk I dropped my backpack on the floor and sat in the swivel chair in front of my desk. I turned on my laptop and waited while it came on. I wanted to check on the latest Kira reports. Of course all that came on TV but while working, I missed it. I had to see what happened. Finally, my the home screen of my laptop popped up.

“Thank you” I muttered and typed in the familiar address for the popular news site. There were a few nonsense videos and then the kira report. I plugged in my headphones and clicked on the video.

I stared back at the screen in amazement. Kira was bigger than anything. Debates were going around on whether or not Kira was good. He didn’t seem bad to me. It seemed as if he was trying to help the world rather than destroy it. I closed the internet and shut off my laptop. I glanced up at the clock. It was now 6:50. It was almost dinner time. I slid on my house shoes and walked down the stairs. My mom was still on her spot on the couch but now she was asleep. I pulled up the covers and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

“Good-night mom.” I whispered and tiptoed into the kitchen. I swung open one of the cabinet doors. I grabbed a box of cereal and shut the cabinet door. My feet dashed back up the stairs and into my room.

Flopping down on my bed, I grabbed the remote and flicked on the television. There was nothing on TV. I flipped it to a random channel and grabbed a book from underneath my bed. I turned to the page with the decorated book mark a long ago friend made me and started to read. Pretty soon I fell asleep.

I woke up with the alarm clock blaring in my ear. I sighed and hit it with the palm of my hand. A smile slowly crept up on my face. Today was Friday. The official ending day of the business week. No more school till Monday.

I hopped up and ran to my closet sorting through the rack of endless clothes (Now if you’re not a girly-girl and don’t have that much clothes…you looked through what you had). Pulling out a shirt and skirt, I slipped it on and walked down the stairs. My mom was at the table eating a bowl of cereal.

“Morning, Keiko.” She said as she sipped her coffee. I smiled lightly at her.

“Morning to you to mom. Did you have a good night sleep?” I asked. She laughed and rubbed the back of her head.

“A little. Come to think of it, I think I have a cramp in my neck” she mumbled massaging her neck while trying not to laugh. There was toast and milk sitting in front of where I usually sat. I walked over and sat down.

“You are up bright and early. What gives?” she questioned. She took a spoonful of her cereal and stuck it into her mouth. I turned the piece of toast over in my hand and spread (insert topping) on it. I took a bite before answering.

“It’s the end of the school week.” I said to which she nodded.

“Ah ha, I see. I’m going out this weekend ok?” she said more than asked and looked at me.

“Alright. Be home before nine.” I said and giggled. She laughed and stood up, already dressed in her work clothes. She leaned down and kissed me on the cheek.

“Love you, be safe” she said and smiled as she walked out the door.

“You to!” I shouted as the door swung shut. The toast hung limply in my hands, forgotten. I sighed and sent it back down on the plate and drank the rest of the milk. The trash can lid opened as I dumped it in the trash and put the plate and glass in the sink. My school bag was sitting on the couch and I picked it up and hefted it on my shoulders. I grabbed my car keys and headed out the door.

The car was already unlocked which wasn’t to surprising. I jerked the door handle and slid into the front seat. I started the car and headed down the familiar road to school.

My car came to a stop as I entered the parking lot of the school. High School. Don’t remind me. I grabbed my bag from the passage seat and shut the door, this time locking it. Who knows what stealers lurked around here. The bell dinged just as I made my way into the already crowded hallways. I wasn’t that late at least.

Stoping by my locker, I grabbed a few books when someone bumped into me. They laughed and walked off. I sighed and shut the locker door.

My bag was once again stuffed full with books. I could get it done easily but I didn’t know teachers loved to give homework out on the weekends. Hopefully, I could work it around my work schedule. I always did. School came first though.

I felt a push on my shoulder as another person yet again, bumped into me. She replied with a quick sorry and I smiled at her. At least she was friendly and said sorry. I waved it off and bounced down the stairs to the filled parking lot. Teenagers where hanging around with nothing else to do, laughing at jokes that their friends told them. I looked sadly. Friends like that were hard to make.

I walked to my car and tossed the bag in yet again. I thought I heard a voice shout my name but dusted it off as my imagination. I backed up carefully, as to not hit the passer-byers, and pulled out of the parking lot. It was now time for work.

Once again, I locked the door and spun on my heels towards the direction of my car. Since it was the weekends Mayumi told me I should work later. It was now 6:00. I still had homework to do. The walk to the car was a bit breezy but it felt good from being in the warm bakery.

I hopped in the car and let the engine roar to life. This never got tiring. Except for paying for gas. But it’s what comes with great responsibility. I was going to prove that’s what I had. I know I did.

Pretty soon, what seemed like the blink of an eye, I was home and walking up the steps. Mom’s car was in the garage. Funny, I thought she said she wasn’t going to be here. It’s nice to have her here.

I opened to door. The aroma of (insert food) drifted through the open doorway. I took a deep breath, breathing in the smell. It smelled wonderful.

“Smells yummy mom.” I said as she peeped her head out. She smiled.

“Really? I have a visitor coming over so I wanted to cook.” She said pushing a strand of her short brown hair behind her ears. I smiled back in response.

“I hope I get some.” I said and we both made a small laugh and then she returned to her retreat in the kitchen.

“I know you just got home, but would you mind calling that sushi place and ordering something?” she said.

“I thought you were making dinner?” I asked with a confused look on my face.

“I am but I want some of their dumpling things” she said waving her hand assuming I knew what she was talking about. I did so I went back into the living room in search of my wallet. I rummaged through my bag. It wasn’t there. It was always there.

I dashed up to my room and opened the door. My eyes darted to the dresser where it was laying this morning. I ruffled through papers and moved things but it still wasn’t there. There is no way I could have lost this. A flash back hit.

When they bumped into me. My wallet could have easily slipped out. That means that anyone could have picked it up. Maybe someone would return it. No matter what I had to have it. My driver’s license was in that. This means I have been driving this whole day without a license. That was great.

I ran my hands threw my hair and took a deep breath. If I calmed down I would find it. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. I looked up.

“I’ll get it mom.” I yelled and dashed down the stairs. I unlocked the door and pulled it open. There standing at my front door was Light. He smiled at me.

“Hey Keiko! Nice to see you. I found this and wanted to bring it by.” He said. I looked down at the object in his hands. My pink wallet lay unharmed in his hands. “I tried to catch you before you left but I guess you didn’t hear me.” So that was what I had heard.

“I’m sorry Light.” I said dropping the ‘kun’. “I wasn’t paying attention. How did you know it was mine?” I asked. He opened the flap and my driver’s license was sitting there with my name and address.

“Oh.” I mumbled feeling pink float to my cheeks from embarrassment.

“It’s no big deal. I figured you would need this.” He said and smiled holding it out to me. I took it from his hands a small shock hitting me as our hands touched.

“Ha-ha, sorry” he said. I smiled.

“It’s fine.” I stated. I wanted him to stay.

“If you’re not busy, would you mind helping me with the homework we have?*” I asked.

“I know your smart.” He replied. “But sure. You have a lot on your plate. I don’t have my books with me but we can do it tomorrow after you get off work.” I nodded trying to contain the excitement.

“That’s fine. I get off at four tomorrow. Can we meet here at five thirty?” I asked and he nodded. He said goodbye and I closed the door with a visible blush on my cheeks.

“Aw how cute. My little Keiko has found love” my mom said only causing me to blush more.

“Quit it mom. I’m going to bed. Save me some of whatever you’re having.” I hollered as I walked up the stairs.

“Are you going to call that place for me?” she asked.

“Of course.” I said and dashed back down the stairs getting my phone and wallet. I called the number on my way up and they said they would have it here in a few minutes. I told mom what they said and I clambered back to my room for a good night’s sleep.

I woke in the morning with the birds chirping at my window and the sun shining brightly through my curtains. I yawned and stretched my arms looking around my room. Tomorrow was Valentine’s Day. Today was the day Light was coming over to help me with work. I would be graduating this year.

I slipped on some clothes that were appropriate for work and walked down the stairs. I was almost out the door when I noticed a slip of paper on the table. I unfolded it and read it.


I told you I would be gone this weekend and I am. I don’t want anyone coming into the house except for that one cute boy who brought your wallet back J

There is leftovers is the fridge and I left money in case you wanted something out to eat. Please behave and take care.

I’ll be home as soon as I can.

Love you,

Mom ♥

I looked down and there were some bills and coins lying on the table. Enough to buy me something to eat. I let the note fall out of my hand and I grabbed my purse and headed out the door.

I sat at the counter waiting for the day to end. Lots of people had come by, wanting to get small cakes or cupcakes for their lovers. We also had chocolate. We were almost out of that. People had gone crazy mad getting to it.

My hands were now stuffed in my pockets seeing as how our heater broke and now all that came out was pure cold air. It felt nice compared to the usual heat but it was still freezing. The doorbell rang and I put on a smile.

“What can I get you?” I asked. The customer stood there for a moment before deciding upon a cake. I went back to the back to get the requested cake. Only a little longer and I would be home. I still didn’t see why I was so anxious to get home. It was only homework. But it was with Light. The guy who I had admired for some time.

The last person was leaving with a smile and a wave, whispering under his breath hoping that his wife would like the cake. I reassured him she would and he seemed more confident. I smiled and sighed. It was nice to see that people were in love. I put a smile on my face and sighed happily. It was such a wonderful time if the year.

I glanced down at my watch. Four o’ clock is what the digital clock read. I grabbed my purse from underneath and went to close up.

“I’m leaving Mayumi. Is that alright?” I asked ready to walk out the door. Her head popped out from the back and she waved goodbye. I yelled thanks and walked out the door. I pulled my jacket a little tighter to beat the small gust of wind that was blowing.

My car was waiting for me again. As if it knew that I would be here ready to leave. I was in the car by the time I could see Mayumi shutting the lights off. She walked out the door and waved and me before hopping into her car.

I grabbed my sleek black hair and pulled it up into a bun. The pizza had already come and I had a slice sitting on my plate. My books were sitting out on the table and a notebook was on the floor. I sat down on the couch and stared down at the math book. It did look a little complicated and I was sure I could finish this in 30 minutes tops, but having company over was always more fun.

The doorbell dinged and I got up to get it. The door opened and Light was standing there again. He glanced down at his watch with an apologetic look on his face.

“Sorry for being late, Ryuzaki was holding me back a few minutes.” He said with a laugh.

“It doesn’t sound like I’d much like him” I mumbled and blushed.

“He’s ok.” He said. He stood there a little awkwardly.

“Oh come in!” I said and he stepped through the doorway. He walked in and looked as if he was surveying the room. He nodded his head at it and then stood there.

“Have a seat” I said as we both walked to the couch and sat down. He was very close to me but I shook it off. Maybe he realized it and would move away. I pulled out my math book and opened it up to the page the teacher had assigned us to do.

The problems on the page were pretty easy. I peeked over at Light and noticed he was busy on his problems. Should he have come over? I looked down at my page of answers. Glancing back at Light I noticed he was staring at me. I blushed.

“ Is there something on my face?” I asked rubbing my cheek wondering if there was any pizza on my face. He shook his head.

“No. I was just looking.”

“At what?” I asked. He shrugged.

“You.” He said and scratched something down on his piece of paper. I nodded and went back to what I was doing. Staring at this question, I realized I forgot how to do it. It was different than the other ones, even though it was something I already knew. I tapped Light on the shoulder. He looked up his book.

“Yeah?” he asked, absentmindedly tapping his pencil on his book. He looked down at the question I had problem with. His pencil stopped drumming and he took it and pointed out where I messed up and how to do it. It was such a simple mistake.

“Thanks” I mumbled. He nodded and whispered back a no problem. There were only a couple more problems and I would be finished. My pencil darted across the page as I finished writing the last answer.

“I’m done.” I said and smiled.

“Me to.” He said with a smile back.

“What do you want to do?” I asked putting my things on the floor.

“I’m hungry; can I have a slice of pizza?” He asked pointing to the box on the table.

“Sure, my mom said we could share it.” I said as I grabbed my second slice out of the box. He reached in and grabbed a slice also. I watched him take a bite.

“Yummy.” He murmured.

Eventually we got done with all the homework and soon started talking. Our laughs traveled throughout the house. I don’t think I have ever had this much fun with someone else.

“Is that really what happened?” I asked taking a sip of my drink, trying not to laugh.

“It’s a true story.” He said biting a piece off his pizza. I shook my head.

“There is no way that is possible.” I said staring at him.

“It is! I can show you!” he said reaching in his back pocket. A slightly faded picture was what he held in his hands. I stared at it.

“It’s true!” I gasped and cracked up laughing.

“I told you it was.” He said slightly red. “It was horrible.”

“You don’t look as bad as you think. I think you looked pretty cute.” I said with a shrug. Blushing I tried to speak again. “I mean you know as a kid back then.” I said stammering.

“So you don’t think I’m cute now?” he asked moving closer. The blush on my cheeks reddened.

“Um- no- I mean yes- well I mean-” The words came out all confusing. He was cute, he was more than cute, but what if he didn’t feel the same?

“Am I?” he asked his face only a few inches from mine.

“Yes.” I whispered and his lips touched mine. My hands were motionless at my side. His hands locked around my wrists and pulled my hands around his neck. His lips moved against mine. Something wet slid across my bottom lip. My lips parted instantly allowing the foreign invader to ease through. I felt his hands wrap protectively around my waist. So much was happening all at one time. It was hard to comprehend.

His tongue explored places that no one had gone before. He wasn’t in a hurry. His tongue expertly moved around causing a small sound to escape my mouth. I felt his tongue retreat back into its hiding place and he lifted up off of me.

“Why did you stop?” I asked my hands still dangling around his neck. He smiled and laughed.

“Would you like to continue this in the room?” he asked causing me to blush again.


Lemon Start!


“Sure.” I said with surprise as he picked me up and carried me into the room. He placed me on the edge of the bed and stood there. My feet dangled from the edge.

“What are you doing?” I asked. He tilted his head to the side. His finger tapped his chin. His face lit up as if he got an idea. Walking over, his hands slid down my arms and stared in my eyes.

“You don’t mind do you?” he asked seriousness in his brown eyes. I shook my head no.

“I don’t” I said as his lips caught mine in another kiss. Hands moved around my waist and pulled me closer to him. He made a low moan as my hands went down along his chest. I could feel the buttons on my fingertips. Pop, there went one button. What made me so confident to do this?

The other buttons seemed to disappear within a few seconds. His shirt fell lightly on to the floor. Mine soon joined it. Light pulled back and admired by chest. I blushed and turned my head away.

“Quit staring, pervert” I mumbled as a smiled tugged at his lips.

“I was only enjoying the view you permitted me to have” he responded back. A smug look was on his face as if he had come up with the most brilliant comeback ever. It had a good effect though.

“Yes you were” I said letting my finger run down his chest. He shivered under my touch but I could tell it was a good shiver. A cold gust of wind hit my chest when I realized that my bra was suddenly missing. My hands flew to my chest on instinct and Light moved them away.

His finger idly twirled around my nipple causing them to perk up at the new touch (Me: *is blushing*) A soft sound escaped my already parted lips. The small fan that sat in the corner did not help me either.

A smile started at the corners of his lips and he let his thumb brush over me. My back arched as his tongue flicked over the tip. He grinned wider as he noticed my reaction to his touches.

“It’s not funny” I said as his finger ran down my stomach. My hands were placed on his shoulders as he was leaning over me. I fell back on to the bed and pulled him down with me; our lips touching momentarily.

“Not a bad kisser.” He mumbled kissing my nose and then dropping down to my chest again. His mouth touched any exposed skin that was there. This of course was everything. Suddenly I felt soft, smooth hands trail down my bare legs. Goosebumps were rising as he removed his hands, only to start over again.

“You’re not a bad one either.” I said looking down slightly at him. He laughed and his hand came up from my leg and slowly massaged my breast. I groaned and it seemed to make him want to tease me even more. The hand that was currently not doing anything, played with the band of my skirt. The skirt didn’t get pulled off. It stayed there perfectly in place except for him messing with it, not quite pulling it off, put not leaving it on there.

Finally making up his mind, his mouth locked over my breast, a moan erupting from my mouth from an unexpected touch.  A hand grasped the other one that lacked touch. His mouth worked wonders. My hand ran through his already ruffled brown hair. After a few seconds he moved to the other one giving it the same attention.  

“Light…” I whispered allowing his name to slip from my lips. He stopped what he was doing and looked up.

“Yes?” He asked.

“Don’t stop” I muttered trying to organize my thoughts. On one note, this was amazing and I had never felt anything like this before. Yet on another, I didn’t know if I should be doing this at all. Sex at a young age usually had some kind of consequence. But like I have been told thousands of times, your body usually wins at times like these. Logic doesn’t matter now.

“I didn’t intend on it” he said returning back to what he was doing. Just now feeling it, it noticed there was a small pressure on my inner thigh. I blushed at the thought. “Your adorable when you blush” I heard him say with a smug grin on his face. His statement only caused me to blush even more.

“Don’t worry. I mean it in a good, not perverted way.” He said with a laugh. I laughed along with him still feeling him mess with my skirt. He gave a tug at the skirt.

“Go on” I whispered still blushing. His hands grabbed the skirt and lightly pulled it down my legs. I had already taken my shoes off when I got home, so that was already a bonus. The skirt came off with a gentle tug and dropped to the floor.

“Nice” He said eyeing the pair of panties I had on today. I didn’t expect anything to happen. But I guess I had a pretty good predicament. They were known as ‘hipsters’. Two strings are what went around my waist but they fully covered in the back and the front.

“Thanks” I said with a blush he grabbed one of the strings and pulled on it and let it snap back into place. “That hurt” I said with a small smile. He shrugged and said a sorry.

“I want a turn” I mumbled looking down hoping that my hair covered the pink that refused to go away. His hand grabbed my chin and tilted it up. A kiss was planted on my lips and then he let up.

“Of course you can have one” he said and I sat up. Cautiously I reached towards his pants and went to undo his belt buckle. His hand beat me to it and removed the belt slinging it on the floor. I took a deep breath and unbuttoned his pants. There was a bulge in his boxers. I realized what it was a turned away. Light’s hand reached out and grabbed mine.

“You don’t have to.” He said. His brown eyes met my green ones in a silent plea to remove the article of clothes that was in his way from pure bliss and pleasure. Physically, I was more than ready, mentally, I wasn’t sure if I was ready. But I knew which one I was going to go with. I answered his request and pulled his boxers off.

His member stood a full attention. Slowly, as if it was going to bite me, I reached out and touched it. A light gasp came from his mouth. I was obviously doing this right. My hand closed around it. I looked up at his with a slight hint of questioning. (No! I’m not calling you stupid. Don’t be angry at me *runs from chainsaws*) His hand enclosed in mine sending a warm feeling through me. He moved his hand up and down, my hand still touching him.

“Like that” he mumbled. He was sitting on the edge of the bed and I was on the floor. I had thought it would be better if I did it like this. Apparently it’s still the same no matter how you do it. My hand was still enclosed around his member. I started to move my hand down, gaining speed every time I brought my hand back up. My tongue came out of its cave a slowly swirled around the tip of his member.

A moan escaped his lips and a small cry for more came after that. With a little push mentally, I put a little of it in my mouth. From above I could hear him sigh in pleasure. I went a little farther down, putting in my mouth as much as I could easily fit in there. My hand was still closed around the rest that didn’t fit. He was like putty in my hands.

I started to bob my head keeping a steady pace. His hand reached down and laced in my hair. He pushed my head down a little but not enough to make me gag. His other hand was clenched in the sheets. I could feel him pulsing in my mouth and I knew he was close.

“Oh Keiko, keep going. I want to-” He gave a small groan and I felt the white liquid fill my mouth. I swallowed what was there and saw how some dribbled down his member. Without thinking I licked it up and he stiffened at the contact. I got up and before I could get back on the bed Light swept me up in his arms and put me on the bed himself.

“That was amazing” He whispered in my ear, nibbling slightly causing another moan. He kissed back down my neck sucking at a certain spot which I’m sure left a clearly visible hickey. His hand traveled down south and slid my panties off. His fingers teased my entrance earning a groan and whimper of please on his part.

He carefully inserted a finger in and ever so slowly started to pump his finger in and out. I gasped in surprise and he started going faster. I couldn’t help but moan at his touch. The pleasure that was slowly building up was becoming unbearable. When I opened my eyes I didn’t see Light’s head.

“Light?” I asked and then gasped as something soft slid in my entrance. Sitting up slightly, I could see the top of Light’s head and then it hit me what was down there. His tongue was probing (He sounds like alien xD) around hitting the most sensitive spots that made me moan. I couldn’t resist it and let my hand entangle in his hair. His tongue moved in and out rather fast, but still had me begging for more.

I knew I couldn’t hold the feeling that was threatening to wash over me. Not to mention he didn’t seem to have any intention of slowing down. I felt closer and closer to relief. Light’s hand slowly traveled up and down my inner thigh, sending chills along my spine. After a few seconds I figured out the bubble that was inside was just waiting to burst. And he was going to make it burst.

I could feel his tongue swirl lightly inside, leaving small traces behind. My breath caught it my throat as I felt that wave of pleasure sweep over me. I let out a load moan and the bubble was gone. Light pulled his head up and smirked at me. I blushed furiously.

“Your hard to please you know that?” he asked. I blushed.

“I’m sorry” I muttered. He laughed and kissed me on the cheek.

“Nonsense. It’s fine I was only joking” He said from above me. I smiled at him. Something was pushing against my lower area. I looked down and came back up blushing.

“Can I?” he asked. I gulped and nodded. He leaned down near my ear and whispered something “I’ll take it slow and be gentle. You can grab my arm if it hurts ok?” he whispered and let his lips brush over mine. I nodded and told him to go on. Slowly, way to slow, he pushed in. He stopped slightly at the only thing that kept my innocence. I told him to keep going and he pushed in.

I winced in pain and he sat calm as a bird. The pain wasn’t to unbearable but it hurt. After a few seconds the pain subsided and I wiggled against him. He raised an eyebrow at me.

“Sure?” He asked.

“Uh huh” I mumbled. He nodded and pulled out and pushed back in. I winced again and he took it as a sign to go slow. My arms were placed on his shoulders again. Again he pulled out and pushed in and this time I was more used to it. A few more thrusts and I was groaning his name.

“Faster Light” I groaned wrapping my arms around his neck, wanting to pull him closer to me. He laughed at my begging and started to go faster. I moved my hips in sync with his. He groaned from the friction and mumbled something about me being tight.

With every thrust he went a little bit faster. Our moans and cries of pleasure bounced off the walls and I’m pretty sure a few of the neighbors could easily hear. I was too caught up in the pleasure to remember that.

“Oh Keiko…promise me…something” he gasped trying to get the words out and breath at the same time. He slowed down a little but still kept thrusting just as hard.

“What’s…that?” I asked giving a rather loud moan as he hit a sensitive spot. He groaned also apparently feeling it to.

“I want…you to promise…that you won’t go…” He said stopping for breaths in-between words. I looked up at him almost stopping completely. A true smile graced my lips.

“I promise…I won’t” I said adding the won’t on the end. He nodded in satisfaction. A sudden hard thrust jolted me out of my thoughts. He growled and continued his thrusting. Our moans were steadily getting louder now that we were closer to our climax. A few more grunts and thrusts and we had both released together. Pulling out he nearly fell on me. I laughed and pushed him off.

“You can’t be that tired.” I said glancing at him with a smile on my face. He looked at me like I was stupid.

“Darn right I’m tired.” He said and laid face up, staring at the ceiling, on my bed. I snuggled into his arms and he wrapped it around my waist. Leaning down he gave me a kiss on the forehead.

“Good night Keiko, I love you” I barely heard him whisper as I drifted off to sleep.

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! My hand shifted over desperately trying to find the ‘off’ button to the clock. It went off. I sighed happily and snuggled back up into the covers. I heard a voice laugh from behind me and jumped up.

“Oh! Light you almost scared me” I said blushing in realization that he had been here the whole night. I looked at the small tray that he had held in his hands. Toast, eggs, bacon, and a glass of juice were carefully placed on it. A smile lit up his face.

“Well, are you going to eat with me?” he asked, sitting down on the side of the bed. I scooted over to make room and he got under the covers. We sat eating the toast and making small talk. I glanced at the clock from the corner of my eye and almost freaked. It was nearly 12:00. In the afternoon. I was late for work. I dashed up to get dressed explaining I had to go to work.

“Calm down, I called in for you saying you might be late. That you stayed up studying and didn’t go to sleep till late last night. Not to mention it’s Sunday. The place doesn’t open till now.”

“But we-”

“Not everyone has to know what we did” he said with a grin. I smiled back with a blush and started to get ready again. By 1:30 I was done. It would have been quicker if light wouldn’t have stopped me to give me kisses.

We had both gotten in his car, him insisting that he had to drive me there, and taken off down the road. I sat beside him in the passenger seat and we were both laughing at something exciting. I had never felt this way about anyone. Never.

My hair was let down so that hopefully the hickey would be covered up. It wasn’t very big but it was noticeable. Very noticeable. Maybe, just maybe, Mayumi wouldn’t notice something odd about me. We pulled up to the shop and he got out with me.

“You don’t have to follow me.” I said with a slight smile and a blush.


“I have a special order.” He said. I looked at him in confusion. When did he do that? I took care of most of the bakery’s orders.

“I see” I said not wanting to look completely clueless. We both walked in and the familiar tinkling of the bell sounded great. I threw on my apron and walked behind the counter. Mayumi walked out and Light whispered something into her ear. She nodded and walked back into the back. That must be the special order. But why can’t I get it?

A few minutes later she came back with something hidden by a piece of cloth. Light peeked under it, smiled and nodded. She gave it to him and he handed it to me. I looked down at it.

“Is it for me?” I asked. He nodded.

“Yes. Pull it off.” I slowly pulled off the cloth to reveal a cake lined with beautiful red roses with the words “I Love You Keiko” written in scripted, yellow icing. It took everything for me not to cry. Iran out from behind the counter and gave him a hug. My head was in the nape of his neck.

“Thank you so much.” I mumbled tears slowly starting to fall. We swayed to the music that was apparently coming from nowhere.

“I was going to give it to you after we studied and tell you how I truly felt about you but I guess what happed after we studied proved it more huh?” he asked. I nodded against him “Well?” he asked.

“I love you too” I said capturing him lips in mine. He pulled me closer and his arms wrapped protectively around my waist. I swore I saw Mayumi smile and a tear slide down her cheek before she slinked back into her office. It was a wonderful week for us all.

Ryuk’s P.O.V (Yes I’m going to do this at the end of every oneshot just incase you didn’t know)

Right now, I was ‘flying’ the streets of Japan with an apple in my hand. I took a bite, devouring the whole thing in one go. After almost watching Light have sex with that black haired human, I needed some air. Sure a shinigami like me is scary, lazy, and finds humans rather amusing, but that was crossing the boundaries.

“At least she had apples at her house. That was the best part. Her having apples. In the kitchen. That was edible. Not the ‘I can hear her and Light making vicious animal sounds in the bedroom’ part. That I could have skipped. But the apples were good. Tasty. Hmmm an apple sounds good.”

“I wonder if I can go and get some from the store.” I thought aloud to none. “Sadly, it would be a lost cause. I could sneak back to her house and get more. Yes. Wonderful.” I though aloud again and began flying to her house, seeing the car was gone. I laughed and flew through the wall and into the kitchen. I grabbed an apple out of the basket sitting on the table and popped it into my mouth. Delicious. I grabbed a few more and headed back out.

“I wonder when he is going to tell her about me. She needs to get me more apples. All the pathetic humans need to sacrifice their apples to Ryuk.**” I mumbled flying back outside, heading to Lights house to wait till he got back home, trying to get the sounds and images from last night out of my poor, damaged head.






*: I have NO IDEA (because I did not pay attention) if Light was in High School when he was on the task force.. I mean come on. She is 17, can’t be in collage yet right?! Give me a little break please for my lack of knowledge and tiredness.

**Free oneshot later for the first person who can tell me what comic strip this came from and what person on deviantart wrote it. (Not Death Note by____)


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