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Secret Love ( A Light Yagami Lemon oneshot for Swimmer345)

Secret Love ( A Light Yagami Lemon oneshot for Swimmer345)

I posted the whole thing this time. I figured why not? So here you go!

Name: Sydney Leviticus
Age: 21
D.O.B (Date of Birth): March 31, 1988
Personality: Total Tomboy, Extremely Athletic, Funny, Bold, Hot-Tempered, Competitive, Not Sensitive, Somewhat Egotistical, and Gets Along with Most Guys, but Not Girls.
Looks (if you could send a picture link if not i might use one of mine):
Occupation: College Student (She's there on a basketball scholarship)
Crush: Light
Friends: Matsuda and Near
Enimies: Misa, Takada, and Mello
Lemon or not: Lemon
Race: American
How do you feel about Kira?: What he is doing is fine, and as long as everthing doesn't get to his head and if it all stays contolled, it's alright.
Whose side are you on? Or are you on no ones?: No one's. (It doesn't really matter to her)


I dribbled down the court,the ball bouncing up and down always touching the palm of my hand. I dodged a girl that was trying to swipe the ball and dribbled a few times before shooting the ball, letting it spring from my hands. I looked up and waited as it went around the rim a few times. Come on, come on. YES!

The ball fell through the goal as the whole stadium broke out it cheers. The losing team walked off the court looking rather sad as their coach tried to cheer them up. A few team members from our team went to shake their hands and tell them what a good job they did.

Meanwhile a few more of our team gathered around me and hoisted me up carrying me around the gym floor while I was begging them to put me down. They did, and I got pats on the back, highfives, good jobs and hugs. I had shot the winning goal. I'd never really done that before. I was good, the second best played but I only made a few goals here and there. Not to mention it rolled on the rim, that was a bonus.

We all huddled in the changing room as our coach spoke congradulating us for winning the championships. It was the first time in 10 years that this collage has. I felt proud of myself. She all handed us little pins to stick in material. Coach congradulated us again and left the locker room to give us time to change.

"That was a awesome game wasn't it!" Cherri exclamiend pulling off her jersey. She slipped a shirt on and brushed her long gloden blonde hair, gave it a toss,and it fell down her back. What a drama queen.

"It was" said one of her followers standing not to far off from her.

"We couldn't have won it without the help from Sydney!" she said enthuasticly. I brought my head up to look at her and cocked an eyebrow. Since when did she give me compliments? Not that I'm griping, i'm just saying. The other girls clapped at her announcmet and I pulled my hair back into it's usual ponytail.

"Glad to help" I said and grabbed me gym bag off the floor. I slid the strap over my arm and walked out of the locker room waving goodbye to the girls in the room. A few waved back while Cherri just stood there with her hands on her hips and a nasty look on her face. Her nose was scruntchy and it made her look like a pig. Priceless.

I walked across the gym floor my shoes squeaking on the now clean and polished hardwood floor. I stopped to get a drink of water noticing that the gym was deserted and not a single soul was left in the building except the girls in the locker room. I went to push the doors open when arms reached around me and pushed it open. I looked up and noticed it was none other than Light.

"Hello Sydney." he said and held open the door for me. I smiled.

"Hey Light, and thanks." I replied and walked out. He followed after me walking by my side not missing a step.

"That was a good game you played." he stated and continued walking with me towards my car.

"It was. I didn't know you were out there" I said and turned and looked at him, stepping over a rock that was in my way. Stupid rock. Almost made me trip.

" Yeah I was kind of hiding in the crowds." he laughed and stuck his hands in his pockets. It was a little chilly outside. Great I forgot my coat. Oh well there is always a heating system in a car.

"Really? Why?" I aksed as we neared my horrible vehicle.

"No reason. I guess this is it." he said and looked down. I shook my head and went to the drivers side of the car. He waved as I backed out and I started going down the road to find he was walking home. I stopped and he caught up with me.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Need a ride." He looked a little thankful and hopped in the passenger side of the car. He told me where to go and we struck up a conversation. Now I want to explain something before I go on. I would rather hang out with guys than prissy pants girls. But Light was different. I had sorta develpoed a crush on him. Nothing big but still.

I pulled in fron tof his house and he got out and walked to my window. He leaned over the window. His head peaked in and he spoke.

"Thanks again for the ride. I appericate it." I shook my head.

"It's not a big deal. Your welcome though." I said my blue eyes staring into his brown ones.

"I have a method of payment." he said.

"You don't have to pay." I said and smiled.

"Nonsense." he said and dismissed me with a wave of his hand. I looked at him.

"If you insit. What do you plan on doing?" I asked and he leaned in through the window. His lips crashed on to mine and were then removed as quick as they were placed there. I stared up at him fighting the blush that was wanting to spread across my face.

"What was that for?" I asked which was the stupidest thing I have probably ever done. I knew why he kissed me yet it just came out.

"1. Because you gave me a ride home. 2. Because I think your beautiful." he said as he backed up and went to walk up the steps to his house (I have no idea if his house has steps so don't kill me if it dosen't)

"Good Night Sydney" he said and stood at the top of his stairs.

"Good Night Light" I called back and drove off. I could see him waving as I zoomed down the road. A lot of thoughts were buzzing around in my already crowded mind. Did he mean what he said about me being beautiful? Or did he just do it because he wanted to thank me for the ride? Why would he kiss me as thanks anyways? This was all so confusing.

I unlocked the front door to my house and stepped in, the cool air slapping me in the face. I shivered a little and walked to the thermostat and turned the heat up. I heard it click on and then sat down on the couch wrapping up in a blanket. I already had my hot mug of Hot Chocolate sitting there and took a sip. Hot.

I flicked on the TV, decided there was nothing good on, and headed up the staircase.(What? I'm loving the stairs today!) I walked in my bedroom and fell on my four-poster bed. It was comfy. I took out my ponytail and placed the hairbow on the dresser that was right beside my bed.

I snuggled under the covers and closed my eyes trying to shut out the thoughts and things that were going the my head. It was a hard task but eventually I fell asleep.



I woke up with the sun shining through my window pouring onto my covers. I yawned and streched my arms out and sat up. I looked around the room not expecting anything to be differnet. I fluffed my hair and then pulled the covers off me and they fell on the floor.

I got up and walked to the bathroom and started brushing my teeth. I put my tooth brush back up, brushed and pulled my hair back into it's usual ponytail. I slipped on house slippers and walked down the stairs as I heard the doorbell ring.

"Coming!" I yelled and grabbed my chocolate off the counter. I opened the package and bit off a piece of chocolate. I placed the chocolate on the table and walked to the door. I opened the door and peeped outside. I saw my second most favorite person in the world.

"Matsuda!" I cried and flung my arms around him. He returned the hug and looked down at me.

"How have you been doing? I haven't seen you in a while." he said holding me lightly at arms length. "You've grown" he said and looked down at me.

"I'm doing pretty good and of course I've grown!" I said and he laughed and rubbed the back of his head.

"Light mentioned that you won the game last night." I blush a little and then covered it up.

"Yeah, it was no big deal though." I said though and waved my hand at him trying not to grin.

"It sure didn't seem like it that night you won the game." a voice said from the doorway. I looked behind Matsuda and saw Light standing in the doorway. I ran and gave Light a hug before Matsuda could say anything.

"Yeah Yeah whatever" I said and let go of him. He smiled and Matsuda stared at us. I turned and looked at Matsuda.

"What are you staring at?" I aksed. And he turned back around.

"Oh nothing" he said and wiped invislbe dust off his shirt. I popped him in the arm. An "Ow" was heard as he rubbed his arm lightly. I walked and sat back on the couch.

"Why are you guys here?" Matsuda sat down beisde me and Light shifted a little akwardly. "You can sit down" I said and he sat down on the love seat in front of me.

"We found one of your friends dead this morning." Matsuda said. I stared at him blankly. Who could he be talking about. Most of mine lived in America. How could they find them in Japan?

"Who?" I asked with a hint of curiousity.

"Cherri" If i had a drink I would have spit it out. How could someone like Cherri die? Unless it was because her stupidness finally caught up with her and killed her. Other than that I really can see how.

"How did that happen?" I asked again. I was like a reporter today. Asking so many questions. Might as well get a notebook and pen to.

"Rape. Apperently she put up a struggle and the guy stabbed her. We went to find the murder but he looked as if he died right when he got hom. Don't know why yet." Matsuda said again scratching the back of his head.

"She's not my friend. I feel bad that she died but I don't like her." I hope i didn't sond heartless. I didn't really care that she was dead but then that makes me sound like i'm evil and cold. Which i'm not. I just don't like her. But she didn't HAVE to die.

"We just want to bring you in and ask you a few questions. We may think this has something to do with Kira." Kira? What did this have to do with Kira?

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Cherri just happened to walk down the same alley as the one with the murder in it. Also the guy died within at least a minute after she did. Not to mention as far as I've heard the guy she walked out in front of a bus for no reason. Don't ask." he said holding a hand up.

"I would appericate it if you would come with us though." he said and I nodded. We got up and walked out the door into, I'm guessing, the Task Forces' Car. Matsuda shut the door and hopped in front with the driver leaving me and Light in the backseat.

"Dont do anything back there you two." said the driver which I recognized as Mogi. Such a nice guy.

"We won't. At least not yet." Light called and I slapped him on the arm. He smiled at me and rubbed his arm. Matsuda turned and looked back at us with a worried look. I held my hands up and pointed to Light.

"After all we've been through!"

"Save your own skin!!" I said and we all started laughing. Pretty soon we pulled up to where they were staying and they made me promise not to tell anyone. I swore to secreacy and they led me inside. We walked through a few of the halls and up the elevator (I'm going to assume they have one because I want to) to a room where a man in a chair was sitting like a frog and talking to the man beside him. He suddenly turned to look at me with those black coal eyes of his.

I sliently shivered and Light snickered. I slapped him on the arm and he rubbed his arm. The man in his chair rubbed his finger around his lip and ordered the man beside him, which I am assuing is Watari since that's what he said, to bring him something to eat. He nodded and rushed out the room. He was a little old if you ask me.

"So you must be Sydney." he said and stirred his coffee. What I wouldn't kill for something to drink.

"The one and only" I said. He sipped his drink and put it back down on the table.

"I'm Ryuzaki and I only wanted to ask a few questions and ask for a minute of your time." He said and thats how I met the infamous L.



I knocked on the door on Light's apartment and standed there in the cold. What takes him so long? I could hear the locks unclicking and a blonde headed girl peered out of the door.

"Sydney! It's so nice to see you here!" she said and pulled me into a hug. I pushed off of her and glared.

"Yea. I'm thriled. Where's Light?" I asked and stuffed my hands into my pocket.She pointed behind her into the apartment.

"He's getting ready for work he has to leave for in an hour or so. I'm leaving for a photoshoot."

"Hope you don't break the camera." I said and walked in the apartment. It was rather warm in here. Misa made a humph noise and shut the door. I peered around the side of the hallway when Light walked out of the door.

"Misa could you-- Oh hello Sydney." he said as he was tightening the tie on his shirt.

"Hey. I thought I would stop by." i said and took my mittens off my hands. He pulled the tie tighter and let it go. He looked very nice in his buisness suit. He pulled me into his arms and gave me a hug.

"Why do you stay with her?" he paused for a moment and looked down at me. He seemed to be thinking.

"I know your a smart girl and think about the good of people. So i'm going to ask your natural opnions on Kira." he said. It was m turn to pause before I chose my words carefully.

"Well, I think what Kira is doing isn't all that bad as long as it dosen't go to far and his head dosen't blow up." I said and made a kaboosh noise. He laughed and pulled me closer leaning down and whispering in my ear.

"What if I told you I was Kira?" he asked his voice barley audible. I gasped and froze.

"I might believe you." I said to his response. I felt his lips press on my ear lobe and travel all the way down to my neck kissing here and there. I groaned and glenched his shirt as his hands made their way down my inner thigh.

"What about Misa?" I studdered as he played with the hem of my skirt

"Do you will care about what she thinks or cares?" he asked slipping off my shirt.

"No." I answered as he led me to the bedroom and I got on the bed. He leaned over me and kissed me on the lips.

"Let's gett started." he said.

~~~~LEMON START!~~~~~ You who don't like lemons can skip but don't report just cause you don't like it. Others will. So, skip if you don't want to read.

He kissed my lips and then moved along my jawline making his kisses slightly rough but with passion I thought he wouldn't have. He moved his lips over my breasts and down my stomach. I laughed at the way he looked at me when he pulled up and he raised and eyebrow at me.

"What's so funny?" he asked.

"Your face." I said and laughed again. He sighed and layed beside me.

"You are such a kill joy." he said and put his hands behind his head. I scoffed and looked at him.

"I am not" I replied back.

"Yes you are. I offically don't have a boner anymore." he said and pointed at his pants. I stared at him for a second before strattling his waist. I leaned down to where our lips almost touched.

"I am not a kill joy." I said

"Prove it." he said with emphasis. I smirked at him and then unbutton the buttons that were holding his shirt on his body. I slid it off his shoulders and tossed it on the floor not having a care in the world as to where it went. He was sitting there watching my every move.

I dragged my finger lightly all the way down to the edge of his pants and he shivered. I smiled and went to remove his pants when he got up and forced me to lay back down. I looked at him with a quzzical look.

"You are way to slow."He said and began to unfasten the back of my bra and slung it off. He stared at my chest, his eyes galzing over with lust.

"You're such a horn-dog." I said and giggled as he made a scrunched up face.

"Maybe so but you like it" I shurgged my shoulders in half agreement. "You're beautiful" he said and kissed my lips.

"Of course I am" I said and lighlty touched his nose. He looked at me and then his hand ran over my belly. He planted a kiss on each of my bresats and then grabbed one. I gasped in surprise. He rolled his thumb over it causing me to groan. After a few mintues I got fed up with him teasing me and demanded him to do what I wanted.

"Beg for it" he whispered. And tesingly ran his hand up and down my thigh. I sighed and pulled his ear to mouth.

"Do it." he chuckeld and pulled up when I let go.

"Someone's fussy." he said and finally listened to me. My skirt was instantly removed along with his pants. His hand slid over my panties and I twitched in his grasp.

"Quit it." i muttered as his other hand traced patterns on my belly. He laughed and pulled off my panties tossing them across the room to where they almost landed on a dresser.

"Watch where you toss those things" i said as he started rubbing his hand in circles over my sensitive skin. I groaned at his touch and he seemed to like having the power to. Making me moan, I mean. I glared at him and then he shook his head before insterting a finger in me. I moaned and he smiled.

He picked up his speed before he inserted another finger in. I was clenching the sheets and my knuckles were white but it was amazing and I could tell we were only just getting started. I felt a feeling float like a balloon in my stomach and knew instantly what it was.

I was close to releasing but I wanted to hold it in. Make him think that he has to work hard to please me. But he really dosen't have to. He dosen't have to work hard to make me moan.

It seemed as though the smug look that was on his face was no longer there and a look of determination was put there instead. I knew it would work. He works hard on getting what he wants and thinks it's easy. Not so easy now huh?

I spoke to soon. Within seconds I felt something dart in and out rappidly almost sending me over the edge instantly. Where did he learn to do what he does? Wherever he learned it I want to thank them for giving me the time of my life.

I felt his tongue push past barriers I didn't know exsisted and pleasure that was undescribable. Within minutes, I felt myself release and looking at a smirking Light.

"I made you didn't I?" he asked staring at me with a smile on his face and lust in his brown eyes. I smiled and pulled him down on the bed and crawled on top of him. I wanted a turn again.

"Go on" he said and layed back with a sigh. I stared at him in disbelief. He is so conceited. I crawled down his stomach to were his erect member was staring at me. I grabed it causing him to sit up in alarm.

"Aww did I scare you?" I said with fake concern. I pulled on it and he gasped. He glared at me through slited eyes.

"No you didn't. I just figured that you wouldn't be as quick to do anything." he shrugged and layed back down. He is obvously judgement impared. I lightly stroked it, raking my fingernails down his shaft every few minutes. He looked down at me with pleading eyes..

"Beg for it" I said copying his words and slowing down my already increadbly slow pace. He sighed once he realized I wasn't going to budge despite his pleading.

"Fine.." he stated and sighed again. He thought if he waited I would go faster, I slowed down. I'm so mean. He sat back up and stared at me before heaving a big sigh. He sighs alot. "Look I'm begging you please Sidney go faster." he said with no emotion in his voice.

I stoped and he huffed. " Sidney dammit go faster!" he said with a sort of whine to his voice. I started to stroke his shaft which was already growing by the second. He leaned back in satisfaction as I stroked harder gaining speed by the second. He looked as if he was ready to burst and I could already see pre-cum dripping out.

I figured it was time and slowly licked the tip of his member causing a moan to escape his lips. I grabed his member firmly and put it in my mouth. He mumbled something I couldn't make out and I started to bob my head. He moaned and his hand dug in my hair pushing me down even more. I could feel him almost forcing my head down causing me to go deeper.

He sighed in contement and removed his hand once he thought I got the hang of it. It only took a few minutes before he trembled and came in my mouth. I pulled up and whipped what was on my face off. He was smirking at me again.

"What?" I asked.

"You look cute and innocent." he said and touched my nose. I swatted his hand off and tried not to smile. He picked me up and climbed on top of me. He positioned himself above me and looke down.

"Are you a virgin?" he asked. I shook my head no (sorry if you wanted it that way i just was in a hurry)

"I've only done it once" I confessed. He nodded and stared down at me.

"I'll still go a little slow, incase you need time to adjust." I nodded silently thanking him. He nodded and thrusted inside me. I groaned and wraped my legs around his waist pulling him deeper in me. He sighed again and instantly started moving.

He started to gain speed and muttered things in my ear that sent chills down my spine. I pulled myself closer to him and locked my arms around his neck, playing with his hair. He gently nibbled at my neck that sent waves of pleasure through my body. I heard him growl as moved my hips in sync with his.

"Your amazing Sydney." he huffed catching his breath. I smiled at him

"I know" I whispered inbetween thrusts. I moaned for him to go faster and he did before I could get the whole sentence out of my mouth. He grunted as I grinded against him while he moved.

"Sydney.." he growled and looked at me. I smiled and kissed him on the lips which started another heated make-out session. I pulled at his hair as he went faster and harder than before.

"Light..more.." I groaned in his ear and he nodded. He slowed down a fraction. I whipered, which he seemed to like, and then he resumed and his regular speed. I groaned as he picked up his speed and started to go faster. I raked my hands down his back, leaving marks. He mumbled something of pleasure under his breath that was mixed with a cuse word.

"Harder" I demanded to which he easily complied. I could feel the bubble in my belly returning again and the feeling of warmness washing over me. I could feel Light's member throbbing within me, moving back and forth as he hit the spot that made me cry out with pleasure.

"Light I think I'm going to-"

"I know me to" he said cutting me off midsentence. He suddenly got the urge to work harder and faster, wanting himself to release when I did. I felt the bubble expand and I arched my back as I called out Light's name.

"LIGHT!" I yelled gripping on to his shoulders as I felt a shudder pass through me. He called out my name almost as loud as I called out his if not louder. He layed on me for a few minutes then rolled out panting

"That was great. Loved how you screamed my name" he said laughing. I laughed and covered up the blush that was starting to show.

"Not like you can talk" I say and he chuckled.

~~~~Lemon End~~~~


He drew me closer to him and wrapped his arms around me. I snuggled against his body and rested my head on his chest. He was quite comfertable. Like a fluffly pillow. I tried not to giggle as I thought that if it was low enough I wouldn't get weird looks from him. It didn't work so well.

"What are snickering about?"

"For one, I wasn't 'snickering' I was laughing, and two, it's nothing. Just a little joke." I said and crossed my arms over my chest. He laughed and pulled me even closer and kissed me on the cheek.

"Your cute when your mad." I nodded and faced towards him again.

"Don't you have to go to work?" I asked snaking my arms around his neck. He looked alarmed for a second. He jumped up and went to put his clothes on. He was mumbling stuff and trying to get clothes back on.

"Relax" I said and grabed him arm. " You can call and ask for today off." I said pulling him back down into the bed. I knew work was important for him but I really wanted him to stay here with me. I'm sure they would understand. Well Matsuda would at least. Stupid Misa..

He sighed and crawled back under the covers with me. He pulled me back into his grip and I snuggled into him.

"You're warm" I mumbled and he laughed.

"Must have a fever."

"Then you have to stay home because your sick." I joked and kissed him. He pulled me closer and tighter.

"Sounds like a great idea." he mumbled kissing my neck. I sighed and he contiuned kissing up and down my neck, hitting my collarbone. I groaned and pulled him closer. To my displeasure he pulled up.

"We don't want to get things going again" he said running his hand through my hair and he kissed me on the cheek.

"I am going to laugh when I see the look on Misa's face." he said putting his hands behind his head. I sunggled in his chest and he wrapped an arm around me.

"That makes you sound evil." I said giggling. He smiled.

"I know. But sometimes Misa just plain out annoys me. If i didn't need her.." he trailed off letting his words hang in thin air.

"For what." I asked

"Her help with Kira." he said and smiled. I giggled and curled up to him.

"But I yours right?" I asked looking up at him with puupy dog eyes.

"Yes, you are" he said as he leaned down to kiss me.

"I love you." I mumbled hoping that I wasn't going to embarrass myself.

"I love you to my secret lover" he said and started giving me kisses everwhere. I laughed and pushed him off begging him to stop.

"You know you like it." he said and wiggled an eyebrow.

"Yes I do." I said as he pulled me down to him and snaked his arm around me. He closed his eyes and after a few minutes I could hear his breathing telling me he was asleep. I wiggled in closer to him, to which he grunted, and closed my eyes and let myself drift off to sleep.


I stared at the front door in shock. Why would Light do that? How could he cheat on me? I gave him everything and never asked for anything but his love and he goes with that stupid, ugly, mean Sydney. Why?

I started the car engine and after a few minutes drove off. I rolled along the road clearing my mind. I did everything right didn't I? I even put my life in danger for him. So he could be the God of the new world and I could be his Goddess.

I wiped a tear off my face and sat my car and parked near the lake. I rested my head on the steering wheel for a second. I thought about it for a second.. I didn't need him. I could have any guy that I wanted. I was a supermodel. Light was below me.

I smiled and started my car again pulling out of the parking lot and started driving on the road. He could have Sydeny. They would be happy. They are both manipulting. I would find someone who would treat me as good as I treated them and who would love me forever.

I drove down the road with a smile on my face as I got ready for the next photoshoot completely forgetting about Light and his new Girlfriend.